Caring for Our Community

Agape volunteers are integral members of our hospice care team.

They are specially trained to support patients and their families through their end-of-life journey. Volunteer time, presence, talents, and, sometimes, vocations enhance our patients’ quality of life, especially during a time where every day counts and may get harder.

Volunteers are matched with patients based on specific service requests, proximity, commonalities, and other factors to create a positive experience for both our patients and volunteers.

Creating a Safe Environment

Safety is of the utmost importance to us. All Agape volunteers are highly trained and screened in the same manner as Agape employees.

In-person Companionship

Agape Healthcare’s compassionate volunteers will visit you and your family to provide comfort, friendship, and support, including (but not limited to):

  • Keeping you company—watching TV, reading a book, or taking a walk (if it is safe)
  • Helping around the house—preparing food and light housekeeping
  • Upkeeping the yard—raking leaves, planting flowers, watering, and mowing the lawn

Respite Care

Being a caregiver is a full-time job. Family members need a break occasionally, so they can recharge to continue to do their best. Our team will make arrangements for you, so you continue to receive the care you need while your caregivers rest.  

Veterans Serving Veterans

Veterans have unique needs that only fellow service members can understand. Our Veterans Serving Veterans volunteers ensure your dignity and honor by assisting with recognition ceremonies and providing camaraderie from someone who understands military service.

Music for the Soul

Music can have transformative effects on a person’s physical and psychological health. Agape Healthcare’s musicians and singers perform live or share recorded music for you to enjoy 

Animal Comfort

(Certified Provider)

Did you know that cuddling with pets can alleviate stress and physical pain? Our dogs and other animals are vaccinated, insured, and trained to provide a calming and positive experience.

Reiki Energy Healing

(Trained Provider)

Reiki is a safe form of energy healing that alleviates stress and anxiety through gentle touch or no touch. It is a soothing, complementary practice to other forms of treatment. 

11th Hour Volunteer

These specially trained volunteers provide a comforting presence during your final hours and provide respite and support for your family.

Memory Bear or Pillow

Once a loved one has passed away, family members will begin navigating the journey of grief. Our sewing experts can turn clothing into a teddy bear or pillow. While everyone grieves in their own way, these gifts can offer solace. 

Become a Volunteer

Receiving joy, compassion, and assistance is vital to our patients. We train our volunteers, so you are prepared to help those who are sick through one of our volunteer programs. Whether you prefer to lend a hand in-person or behind-the-scenes, we have opportunities that bring Coloradans together in a variety of ways.

  • Companionship, light housework, shopping
  • Sewer/Seamstress: Memory bears, pillows, quilts, twiddle muffs, aprons
  • Veteran Volunteer (retired or active duty)
  • Administrative and project volunteers (Greenwood Village, CO)
  • Delivery services: Drop off cards, flowers, and care packages to patients
  • Baker: Celebrate patient birthdays or other special occasions with cake


Unless we are hosting an event for patients, volunteer hours are flexible and not prescribed. Whether you’d like to share one hour a month or ten hours a week, we will find the right match for you in your zip code.

Contact Roxana Rolbin, our Volunteer Services Manager, at 720-482-1988 or fill out the form below and select “Volunteer Program” from the dropdown menu. We look forward to meeting you!

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